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Present at the Creation

Upton Bell, with Ron Borges

Shout-out from Peter King in Sports Illustrated:

Present at the Creation is on my night table, and should be on yours if you’re a football history buff.”



The Other Exchange

Denys Van Renen

Review in the Review of English Studies:

“Van Renen’s study is a welcome addition to the existing studies of early modern culture and society and will open new doors into studying the marginal, the silenced and the invisible in culture and in literature.”



Playing War

John M. Lillard

Review in The Northern Mariner:

Playing War successfully bridges an interwar gap in naval historiography, and would be a useful research tool for those interested in the academic side of US naval officer preparations for the Second World War.”



Westerns: A Women’s History

Victoria Lamont

Review in English:

Westerns: A Women’s History introduces a whole new set of woman authors and texts to be included in the study and teaching of Western American literature as well as a new and compelling origin narrative of the Western literary genre.”



Patrick Bottiger

The Borderland of Fear

Review from the Journal of American History:

“This book is a welcome addition to the historiography and contributes a valuable analysis to what some might see as familiar territory.”



Dorothy Brooke and the Fight to Save Cairo’s Lost War Horses

Grant Hayter-Menzies

Review in the Huffington Post:

“Horse lovers will be fascinated by and glued to this book. [The reviewer] was captivated by this well-deserved homage to Dorothy Brooke and to her work to reduce the suffering of equines—a book that is also a magnificent tribute to all ‘Horse Heroes.'”


 Discover the Great Plains series

Featured in the Chicago Tribune:

“Tightly written works… packed with information that the general reader is likely to find compelling.”



Carla Joinson


Author interview on the New Books Network.


Rabbi Shai Held


Author profile in the Forward.


Mark Armour

In Pursuit of Pennants

Author article on the National Pastime Museum website.


Melissa Fraterrigo


Author interview on NET Nebraska’s “All About Books.”



Bob Hall


Author interview on The Comic Alternative.

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