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A Certain Loneliness: A Memoir

Sandra Gail Lambert

Review in Lambda Literary:

“Lambert writes with a studied aloofness and matter-of-fact tone about a body that constantly generates conflict with itself and the world around it. There is a rich practicality to her wisdom, and a pure, knowing access to physicality despite that physicality’s limitations: I’ve only rarely seen these things so well captured on the page… it is a book written for itself, without the need to please, and because of this bravery, it succeeds mightily.”


Bitterroot: A Salish Memoir of Transracial Adoption

Susan Devan Harness

Review in the Star Tribune:

“Harness addresses this complication in Bitterroot: What does it mean to be Native when you weren’t raised Native? What does it mean when the members of your birth family who remained on the reservation tell you that you were lucky to be raised elsewhere, but you don’t feel lucky? Harness brings us right into the middle of these questions and shows how emotionally fraught they can be. Her story often brought me to tears.”



Bourbon Justice: How Whiskey Law Shaped America

Brian F. Haara

Review by The Bourbon Guy:

“In the end, you will learn something about bourbon, you will learn something about business, and you will learn something about the less talked about history that made America the country it is today. I highly recommend that you run right out and buy it.”



Remembering World War I in America

Kimberly J. Lamay Licursi

Review in H-Net:

“Licursi adds not only to the growing scholarship of World War I memory but also to larger works on the war itself and the Progressive Era . . . This is reason enough for scholars interested in the impact of the Great War on American history to become familiar with this book.”



Discovering Second Temple Literature: The Scriptures and Stories That Shaped Early Judaism

Malka Z. Simkovich

Book featured in Publishers Weekly.


After Combat: True War Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan by Marian Eide and Michael Gibler

African American Officers in Liberia: A Pestiferous Rotation, 1910–1942 by Brian G. Shellum

Operation Kinetic: Stabilizing Kosovo by Sean M. Maloney

Books highlighted in Air Force Times.




Rose Zar


Author featured in the New York Times.


Sara Batkie


Author interviewed in Fiction Writers Review.


Jeffrey L. Rubenstein


Author blog post on Reform Judaism.


Rabbi Amy Scheinerman

Author event listing (and feature) in the Jewish Herald-Voice.

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