University Press Week: Arts and Culture

Happy University Press Week! The university press community amplifies voices, disciplines, and communities.

University presses publish authors from around the world and right at home, writing on subjects that are broad, niche, and every level of inquiry in between. Without university presses, many of these authors or subjects would not be heard so clearly in the marketplace of ideas.

Join us all week for the UP Week Blog Tour!

Today read about Arts & Culture from the following presses. Be sure to share and tweet your own university press experiences using the hashtag #UPWeek.

Athabasca University Press has a new book that discusses Frankenstein’s influence on Canadian pop culture with a focus on music.

Rutgers University Press features a new book titled Junctures in Women’s Leadership: The Arts by Judith Brodsky and Ferris Olin.

Based on the book Essential Modernism, edited by Dominic Bradbury, Yale University Press features a post by Bradbury about how immigrants enrich a country’s art and architecture.

Duke University Press features some of its recent collaborations with museums and shares why they think these collaborations work for both organizations.

University of Minnesota Press features an excerpt from The Adrienne Kennedy Reader in honor of Adrienne Kennedy’s induction into the Theater Hall of Fame on Nov. 12.

University of Toronto Press social media specialist Tanya Rohrmoser discusses how social media can be an effective vehicle for communicating research in the arts and humanities.

Visit us tomorrow for day two of the UP Week Blog Tour featuring Politics that highlights a new selection of university presses.  



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