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Modern Conservative Judaism

Elliot N. Dorff

Cover story in the Jewish Journal:

“The lesson that we learn in Dorff’s important book… is that respect, tolerance and inclusiveness are a crucial measure of what makes a movement Jewishly authentic.”

Not A Clue

Chloé Delaume

Reviewed in Publishers Weekly:

“Delaume’s first novel to be translated into English is a sly and thorny work that loosely takes the form of a game of Clue, and even more loosely takes the form of a novel. The six murder suspects are psychiatric patients in Paris’s Saint-Anne’s Hospital, and each gets a few chapters providing their backgrounds, how they wound up institutionalized, and attributing to them a name from the board game.”

Last Seasons in Havana

César Brioso

Praised by Sport in American History:

Last Seasons in Havana is a much-needed addition to baseball history… The complete history of Cuban baseball may never be known, but Brioso has cracked open the door with some valuable information and insights.”

The Woman Who Fought an Empire:

Sarah Aaronsohn and Her Nili Spy Ring

Gregory J. Wallance

Reviewed by the Jewish Book Council:

“The title of Gregory J. Wallance’s new book suggests a straight-up historical biography. Instead, this work of nonfiction is a sweeping tale of international intrigue and complex family dynamics, set against the backdrop of the early twentieth-century Middle East.”

Mussolini’s Children:

Race and Elementary Education in Fascist Italy

Eden K. McLean

Recommended by H-Italy:

“Overall, McLean’s book engages readers with an innovative approach and engaging narrative. It is highly recommended to those who seek a more comprehensive understanding of Fascist racism and the evolution of elementary education during the Fascist regime.”

One Size Fits None:

A Farm Girl’s Search for the Promise of Regenerative Agriculture

Stephanie Anderson

Reviewed in Grist:

“As an initial illustration of what regenerative agriculture could and does look like in practice, One Size Fits None is an invaluable resource, a step in the right direction of imagining alternative way of doing and organizing life around the soil and farming.”

The Hole Truth:

Determining the Greatest Players in Golf Using Sabermetrics

Bill Felber

Praised by The Guy Who Reviews Sports Books:

“No matter the sport, fans often will argue about who is the GOAT, or greatest of all time. When it comes to golf, that has been difficult to measure… Author Bill Felber has attempted to answer this question using a common mathematical function and a little extra work with advanced statistics in this very interesting book.”



Dan Bernstein

On First Amendment Salon.

Nicholas Hirshon

Interviewed in Sixty Six.

Steven Wingate

Author article in the Los Angeles Review of Books.


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