New in paperback

The following books are now available in paperback this month! 

Paradise Destroyed: Catastrophe and Citizenship in the French Caribbean

2017 Alf Andrew Heggoy Book Prize Winner

“This well-researched book moves beyond being simply an analysis of the issues surrounding race, citizenship, and colonialism by incorporating the theoretical and methodological models of disaster studies. . . . Scholars interested in historical disasters will find this work useful for its comparative utility, especially if viewed alongside studies about the effects of disaster and colonialism in other parts of the world.”—Sherry Johnson, Journal of Interdisciplinary History

Global Jewish Foodways: A History

“An excellent resource for courses on food and foodways, Jewish studies, anthropology, and history courses about areas throughout the world with diasporic populations.”—E. Pappas, Choice

Latinx Writing Los Angeles: Nonfiction Dispatches from a Decolonial Rebellion

Latinx Writing Los Angeles extends the archive of LA literature in provocative and meaningful ways.”—Monika Kaup, American Literary History

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