The Marketeers Club: Did You Know?

Rosemary Sekora is the publicity manager at UNP and enjoys helping people who are kind to publicists, dogs, and those who work in customer service.

Like many marketing departments, we’ve tried to keep up with the times of social media and make sure our readers (and authors) get new content and information they need about our books.

Are we on Snapchat, YouTube, or TikTok? Nope. But if you’re reading this then you know we’re on WordPress. We’re on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We’re also on NetGalley—a digital reader community where you can download forthcoming galleys for FREE.

On our website you can search for books by imprint, series, author, title, subject, and even by format. And if you sign up for our email list, you’ll know when new books are available and when our sales start.

If you’re a reader, professor, writer, journalist, or someone who just likes looking at books, our catalogs (seasonal and subject) are available for download here. And if you want to connect with an author, you can find authors as experts here.

If you’re an educator looking for exam copies or want to connect with us at an upcoming conference, all the information is here.

If you’re a bookseller, find all the many ways to purchase our great books are here.

Or maybe you just want to connect with someone at UNP—editor, designer, publicist, marketeer, manager, compositor—and say thanks for all their work on behalf of books, our staff list is here.

The more you know.


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