News and Reviews


The Man in the Arena

Rodger McDaniel

Selected as the Best Nonfiction Book for the Wyoming State Historical Society 2019 Book Awards!


The Future Has and Appointment with the Dawn 

Tanella Boni

Shortlisted for the National Translation Awards in Poetry!




Great Plains Birds

Larkin Powell

Another review from Publishers Weekly:

“Powell, a University of Nebraska–Lincoln conservation biology professor, looks at the Great Plains’ avian inhabitants in this valuable work… This informative book will be both a practical resource and enjoyable reading for nature lovers.”


Carrying Water to the Field

Joyce Sutphen

Reviewed by the Star Tribune:

“Representing nearly a quarter-century of published work, Carrying Water to the Field attests to Joyce Sutphen’s accomplishment as a lyric poet dedicated to clarity and concision… While these poems take readers through transformation and loss, they also linger on what persists in moments of grace… or the silence of the dead…”


A Year with Mordecai Kaplan

Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben

Review in Jewish Journal:

“Reuben presents Kaplan’s ‘wisdom, passion and insights’ in a series of short Torah commentaries… The point is made in the stirring words of Kaplan himself: ‘The search for truth is hampered by the universal tendency to treat as the last word what is really only the first word in any revelation or discovery.’ For Reuben, as for Kaplan, the words of the Torah are only the starting point for understanding and fulfilling what it means to be a Jew in the world.”


Contra Instrumentalism

Lawrence Polemic

Review in World Literature Today:

“Lawrence Venuti is the lightning rod of translation studies… Venuti has written an excellent and far-reaching polemic indeed. It is erudite, extremely well-researched, and at times biting—he calls out individual and institutional agents alike—a direct effect of his desiring to move beyond theorizing to stimulate discussion and, hopefully, change.”



The Dominici Affair

Martin Kitchen

Reviewed by H-France:

“The Dominici Affair is an informative microhistory. Martin Kitchen, a prolific historian of modern Germany, provides an intimate view of a provincial family whose name became synonymous with an enigmatic triple homicide in postwar France.”


Becoming Ronald Reagan

Robert Mann

Review in the New York Journal of Books:

“Most journalists, professors, and intellectuals think they are a lot smarter than Ronald Reagan was. Robert Mann, a professor at Louisiana State University, used to think that, too, until he wrote this new biography of the 40th president… Mann’s political disagreements with Reagan, however, do not diminish Mann’s admiration for Reagan’s political skills and achievements, and his obvious love of country.”


Natalie Diaz


Interview in Bookforum


Author article in Salon.

Katya Cengel


Excerpt in The Rumpus.

M. Randal O’Wain

Listing in Debutiful.

Aria Aber

Author article for the Poetry Foundation.

Bob McNally


Author essay in Wild West.



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