University Press Week: Environmental Stewardship

Happy University Press Week! Today the UP Week Blog Tour’s theme is “How to be an Environmental Steward.” Visit our fellow university presses for insightful blog posts. Descriptions and links are below.  


The University Press Blog Tour

University of Pittsburgh PressPatricia Demarco, author of Pathways to a Sustainable Future, has written about four simple ways that every person can become an environmental steward.

Duke University PressA roundtable of authors and editors answering the question, “What is one thing that more people need to understand about the current global climate crisis?”

Columbia University PressGuest post from the author of Live Sustainably Now about tips to decreasing your carbon footprint.

University of California PressAn excerpt from Humboldt State University Assoc. Professor of Environmental Studies Sarah Jaquette Ray’s A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: How to Keep Your Cool on a Warming Planet, coming April 2020.

Yale University PressA post from authors connected with “A Better Planet” with actionable steps on helping the environment.

University of South Carolina Press: A post including photos from authors of Carolina Bays about the preservation of these unique ecological systems.

Bucknell University PressGuest post by Tim Wenzell, editor of Woven Shades of Green: An Anthology of Irish Nature Writing on why ecocriticism makes us better stewards of nature.

Oregon State University PressGuest blogger Marcy Cottrell Houle on the genesis of her new book, A Generous Nature: Lives Transformed by Oregon, about twenty conservationists and activists who have been instrumental in preserving Oregon’s natural treasures for future generations.

University Press of MississippiJessica H. Schexnayder, author of Fragile Grounds: Louisiana’s Endangered Cemeteries, on documenting the dying histories of coastal communities.

University of Minnesota Press: Jennifer Telesca on the managed extinction of the giant bluefin tuna, previewing her forthcoming book, Red Gold.

University of Toronto Press: Sales rep Alex Keys discusses the ways in which he is able to merge his job with his desire to be a better steward for the environment, drawing on some key pieces of advice from our author, Peter J. Stoett, in the new edition of Global Ecopolitics.




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