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Kwame Dawes

On NPR‘s “A Book Of Poetry For Everyone.”

All I Feel is Rivers by Robert Vivian

Out of the Crazywoods by Cheryl Savageau

Exodus by ‘Gbenga Adeoba

Mentioned in Publishers Weekly Spring 2020 Announcements for Essays & Literary Criticism, Memoirs & Biographies, and Poetry


The Great Oklahoma Swindle

Russell Cobb

Review in Publishers Weekly:

“Journalist Cobb offers an unflattering and eye-opening history of his home state of Oklahoma. Cobb hangs out the state’s dirty laundry… Cobb argues that honesty in reckoning with Oklahoma’s past and increased work for social justice remains the only solution. This unflinching look at Oklahoma’s singular past helpfully fills in lesser-known aspects of the historical record”


Hard Damage

Aria Aber

Great review in Pank Magazine:

“There has been some debate about ‘Best of’ literary lists, whether they are too narrow in their scope or simply biased toward works that have been bestowed with awards… Regardless of where you land in this debate, it’s hard to imagine, as 2019 nears its end, that Hard Damage won’t be on every one of those lists. It’s an incredible achievement that doesn’t sugarcoat the subjects it tackles, and if there is a book that so thoroughly explores the human condition this year, it is undoubtedly Aber’s, one that will move you as much as it will stir serious discussion with others and, most importantly, with yourself.”



Apostle of Progress

J. Justin Castro

Review on H-Net:

“Castro’s biography of Rolland amply demonstrates the utility of biography for charting shifts in the role of science in state-making during and after the Mexican Revolution… Castro’s biography of Rolland not only satisfies the questions it sets out to answer but also leaves on the table many questions about the links between expertise and capitalism in state-led development in the twentieth century.”



The Spanish Caribbean and the Atlantic World in the Long Sixteenth Century

Ida Altman and David Wheat

Review in H-LatAm:

“Altman and Wheat have edited an admirable work of recovery and reinterpretation. In it, established and emerging scholars get beyond the stale emphasis on well-worn early Caribbean topics.”


Contesting French West Africa

Harry Gamble

Review on H-Net:

Contesting French West Africa is a must-read for Africanists and scholars of the French empire in West Africa because Gamble makes extensive use of colonial archives, which can guide other research regarding education and colonialism.”


Franz Boas

Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt

Reviewed by Shepherd Express:

“Boas spoke out against the prevailing presumption of white supremacy even if, as biographer Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt points out, he wasn’t entirely free of the era’s racist theories. Zumwalt makes a strong case that Boas was responsible for significant strides forward in understanding our world.”


Bury My Heart At Chuck E. Cheese’s

Tiffany Midge

Review from Carnegie Mellon University:

“Midge captured me from the opening essay… Treat yourself to a fast-moving correction of any vestiges you may have of the stoic, unsmiling Native stereotype and enjoy at least a Tweet or a one-liner from Tiffany Midge. You’re sure to learn something as you laugh.”


The Wax Pack

Brad Balukjian

Review by The Guy Who Reviews Sports Book:

“The concept of this book sounds very simple, yet it is one that is unique among sports books which are available… Those baseball fans who had in their possession baseball cards at one time or another will certainly want to read this book, but one does not have to be a baseball fan to thoroughly enjoy this book that is not only thought-provoking but also emotion-provoking as the reader will fell a large range of emotions while reading it.”

Sibley Williams

Skin Memory

John Sibley Williams

Review on Savvy Verse & Wit:

Skin Memory by John Sibley Williams is an amazing collection that tackles large themes while grounding each moment in real life. A harrowing collection that strives for peace and hope, a journey into the self and outside of it.”



Rafael Medoff


Author article on History News Network.

William H. Westermeyer


Author interview on the New Books Network.

Katya Cengel


Author article for Longreads.

Tiffany Midge


Author interview for Electric Lit.

Noah Cohan


Author interview on Dear Adam Silver.

Sonja Livingston


Interviewed by author Steven Wingate for Image.

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