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Skin Memory

John Sibley Williams

Praise from River Heron Review:

“In reading Williams’s poetry aloud, over-and-over, in an attempt to hear what the poem has to say, its musicality has me feeling as much as, if not more than, thinking. And in that place of feeling, understanding expands. Skin Memory is multilayered poetry revealing itself with each reading.”

Apple, Tree

Lise Funderburg

Review in On the Seawall:

“By trying to understand the flawed humanity of our parents, we begin to revise some of the more inwardly destructive patterns within ourselves. Thus the project of Apple, Tree seems not only to air the authors’ grievances, but to generate empathy for their own struggles.”

Queer Embodiment

Hilary Malatino

Review in Feminist Formations:

“However it is to be engaged, Malatino’s deeply personal, historically grounded, and sharply theoretical account makes clear why intersexuality matters for all of us who are concerned with sex and gender, as well as broader issues of biopolitics and medical violence.”

Touched With Fire

David E. Lowe

Praise by Commentary:

“Lowe’s book causes one to reflect on just how rare a breed Morris Abram was… In the hyper-politicized world we inhabit today, where Democrats and Republicans are tribal in their fanaticism for their respective parties and antipathy toward their opponents, Lowe’s recounting of Abram’s life offers a welcome reminder that public servants once did have values that trumped partisan politics.”

The Wax Pack

Brad Balukjian

Review in Sport in American History:

The Wax Pack is a nice treat for baseball fans who collected cards as kids. Balukjian has done what most collectors can only dream about—making a pack of baseball cards come alive. It’s a great story, and one that comes with some sobering lessons.”

Drunk in China

Derek Sandhaus

Listed in the Jewish Journal.

The Hidden Language of Baseball

Paul Dickson

Mentioned by ESPN:

“Paul Dickson’s great book The Hidden Language of Baseball suggests that hundreds, maybe thousands, of ballplayers throughout history have engaged in sign stealing near or at the level of the Astros’ scheme, particularly from around 1900 to around 1965.”


Romeo Oriogun

Featured in Brittle Paper.

Harvey Solomon

Author essay in Zocalo Public Square.

Robin Hemley

Mention by The Humble Essayist.

Keith W. Mines

Interview on American Diplomat Podcast.

Paul Dickson

Mention in The Ringer.

Elliott Rabin

Excerpt in 929.

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