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The following announcements are from the University of Nebraska Press Spring 2021 newsletter, i.e.

UNP Journals Signs German Yearbook of Contemporary History

UNP Journals recently added its 34th title, German Yearbook of Contemporary History (as of March 31, 35 total!).

A publication of the Leibniz Institute for Contemporary History, this English-language journal focuses on twentieth- and twentyfirst-century history. Each annual volume addresses one central theme. Articles are a combination of translations from the Institute’s prestigious quarterly journal, Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte, and original research. The Institute reached out to UNP when it sought to convert the title from a book series to a journal. The Institute was looking for a nonprofit scholarly journals publisher with a reputation in history and a presence in the publication’s primary market, North America, to best represent and publish its work.

UNP’s first issue of German Yearbook of Contemporary History will publish in midsummer 2021. It joins a distinguished stable of academic journals at UNP ranging in topics from literature, history, music, sports, media, gender studies, Black studies, and geography. Most are available electronically on Project MUSE.

UNP Welcomes Start-Up Journal, Home Front Studies

What happens to a country at home when it is fighting a war abroad? While there are more than a dozen journals in publication devoted to battlefronts and war, no journal exists to publish exclusively the work of home front scholars in wartime. UNP is excited to partner with James Kimble, professor of communication at Seton Hall University, in launching Home Front Studies to meet that need.

Home Front Studies will bring together scholars in a variety of disciplines, working and writing from multiple countries, who are each focused on examining and discussing a variety of home front contexts across the world.

Kimble’s own interest in home front studies emerged during his research on wartime propaganda. “I’ve been interested in the rhetoric and visual imagery of wartime since graduate school, so Home Front Studies is a natural extension of that interest,” says Kimble. “The journal will help construct a deeper understanding of how societies work (or, at times, fail to work) during wartime,” he explains. “Home fronts are fascinating because they reveal a society in flux. Roles change, the usual norms of culture begin to shift, and unusual alliances develop. A society at war is fundamentally different than a society during peacetime.”

Many scholars spanning multiple disciplines share Kimble’s interest in studying home fronts. Their curiosities range from the role of homemakers during the U.S. Civil War to the dynamics of racial segregation in munitions factories during World War II, among a host of other topics.

Kimble is thrilled to partner with UNP’s Journals division on this new venture. He points to UNP’s War, Society, and the Military series as a demonstration of the Press’s depth and range in the field. His confidence is bolstered by the positive experience he had working with UNP on his own book, Prairie Forge: The Extraordinary Story of the Nebraska Scrap Metal Drive of World War II, published in 2014 under UNP’s Bison Books imprint. As someone who is also a native Nebraskan and UNL alumnus, Kimble is especially happy to work with the Press again, in a small way returning to his own “home front.” Here at UNP, we’re very excited for the first issue of this new journal, forthcoming in November 2021.

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