C’RONA Pandemic Comics Display at the Nebraska State Capitol

C’RONA Pandemic Comics is a collection of short comics and essays developed to help youth understand the complexities of living through a viral pandemic. The stories focus on three themes: the biology and social context of the COVID-19 virus; the relationship of wild animals, particularly bats, to the pandemic; and the impact of the pandemic on Tribal communities. These stories are available on worldofviruses.unl.edu for free download or as the comic book, C’RONA Pandemic Comics (Nebraska, 2021).

Through the end of May 2021, you can visit the Nebraska State Capitol to see this new perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic. Artists Bob Hall and Henry Payer worked with educators and scientists to create this series of comics about the Covid-19 pandemic.

This project was made possible with support from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries, the University of Nebraska State Museum, Program in Graphic Design, School of Natural Resources, and the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs. For more information, contact Judy Diamond at jdiamond1@unl.edu.

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