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The Rinehart Frames

Review in Open Country Magazine:

“The Rinehart Frames is at once literary criticism, cultural commentary, art criticism, a scholarly text. It is a conversation with the writers and artists and historical figures whose work/ personality have moved Mphanza in a way. But it is also a homage to them and their work.”

Sacrament of Bodies

Review in Open Country Magazine:

“It is inevitable that Sacrament of Bodies will become an influential work in contemporary poetry from Africa, especially with its centering of queer people. In Oriogun’s journey, it feels like a book he needed to write. “

Two Sides of Glory

Review in Lincoln Journal Star:

“In summary, readers do not have to be Red Sox fans to appreciate the unique paths individuals must travel to find inner peace when the highest aspirations of youth are not attained.”

Blind Bombing

Review from Kirkus Reviews:

“A riveting addition to the literature on scientific innovation during the Second World War.”

The Star and the Scepter

Review in Jewish Herald-Voice:

“In The Star and the Scepter, Navon argues that one cannot understand Israel’s interaction with the world without a basic knowledge of Tanach. Core concepts, such as ‘a nation that dwells alone; and ‘a return to Zion’ are Bible based. During the long Jewish exile, the embrace of the extremes of messianism and assimilation led to dead ends, writes Navon.”


Ed Longacre

Interview with KXEL Live & Local.

Tim Wendel

Interview on WPFW-On The Margin.

Steven Wingate

Interview in the North American Review.

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