University Press Week: Innovate/Collaborate

Happy University Press Week! Help us celebrate university presses November 8-12. Since 2012, members of the Association of University Presses have participated in an annual celebration of University Presses. Following the example of the first University Press week, proclaimed by US President Jimmy Carter in the summer of 1978, this event recognizes the impact that a global community of university presses has on every one of us.

This year’s theme for UP Week is “Keep UP.” This is meant to celebrate the many ways university press publishing has evolved and excelled over the last decade.

The #UPweek blog tour today features the theme Innovation/Collaboration. Visit the following press blogs to learn about how they’ve innovated or collaborated in the last ten years:

Duke University Press: An interview with the Director for Strategic Innovation and Services Allison Belan about the Scholarly Publishing Collective

Temple University Press: TUP’s collaboration with North Broad Press

University of North Georgia: UNG Press collaborates with Affordable Learning Georgia on OER titles

University of Cincinnati Press: A discussion on when a book is more than the printed word

Syracuse University Press: SU Press’s collaboration with Sound Beat and Access Audio on Audiobooks

Texas Tech University Press: TTU Press’s collaboration with the organizations DVAN and Iron Horse Literary Review, which are dedicated to publishing early career writers in under-published genres.

University of Notre Dame Press: Notre Dame Press’s receival of the NEH CARES grant allows them to expand their channels to communicate with and connect scholars

Oregon State University Press: An examination of how Bearing Witness: The Human Rights Case Against Fracking and Climate Change, edited by Thomas A Kerns and Kathleen Dean Moore, inspired collaborations close to home

Leuven University Press: Leuven University Press collaborates with the KU Leuven Fund for Fair OA

Princeton University Press: Director of Princeton University Press, Christie Henry, discusses their Supporting Diverse Voices Grants

Athabasca University Press: AU Press collaborates with The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL) Journal

Clemson University Press: Clemson University Press launches a new OER imprint with PASCAL (Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries)

Bucknell University Press: Director Suzanne Guiod talks with colleagues about the benefits to small UPs of partnering with larger UPs

University of Toronto Press: Behind every good editor…there is a great marketer

Columbia University Press: Q&A between Lisa Hamm and Milenda Less about the changes in book publishing and design through the course of a career

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