University Press Week: Surprise!

Happy University Press Week! Help us celebrate university presses November 8-12. Since 2012, members of the Association of University Presses have participated in an annual celebration of University Presses. Following the example of the first University Press week, proclaimed by US President Jimmy Carter in the summer of 1978, this event recognizes the impact that a global community of university presses has on every one of us.

This year’s theme for UP Week is “Keep UP.” This is meant to celebrate the many ways university press publishing has evolved and excelled over the last decade.

The #UPweek blog tour today features the theme Surprise! Visit the following press blogs to learn about some of their surprises in the last ten years:

Texas A&M University Press: An overview of their surprise at the major inroad made by TAMU Press into the general trade market

University of South Carolina Press: A guest blog post from Mary Martha Greene, author of The Cheese Biscuit Queen Tells All, an astounding (and wonderfully surprising) success

University of Virginia Press: A guest blog post from Grace Mitchell Tada, coeditor with Walter Hood of Black Landscapes Matter, which went into its third printing recently

MIT Press: A guest blog post from a Press editor on our new diverse voices fund

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