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Fruit, Fiber, and Fire won the Fray Francisco Atanasio Domínguez Award from the Historical Society of New Mexico.

The Power of Scenery is a finalist for the Marfield Prize.


Dear Diaspora

Review in Poetry Society of America:

“This 2021 collection by Susan Nguyen is a gem. Nguyen deftly moves through anaphora, questions (‘Can you list the responsibilities of a needle? When did you lose the color green?’), epistolary, prose poem, and documentary poetry forms, chronicling girlhood, family history, a father’s disappearance, and the lives of Vietnam War refugees.”

Birthing the West

Review in the Denver Post:

“Not much has been written about childbirth in the West. After all, ‘what tenure-seeking female would deign to address such an odiferously feminine topic?’ asks author Jennifer J. Hill. In the male-dominated world of academia, ‘Reproduction did not represent a shrewd career choice.'”

Deer Season

Review in Western American Literature via Project Muse:

Deer Season is as much about restlessness as it is about rootedness, revealing the particular vulnerability that farming communities still have to the violence of time.”

Burning the Breeze

Review in Western American Literature via Project Muse:

Burning the Breeze is a three-generation biography focusing primarily on Julia Bennett, the first independent woman in Montana to own and operate a dude ranch. Her achievement is the culmination of her assertiveness, financial desperation, and Julia’s magnetic personality. Montana, after all, was the home of Jeannette Rankin.”

Animal Bodies

Review in The Pioneer by Sunny Solomon:

“It’s a book about living, death and everything in between… Animal Bodies may not be an easy read, but it is one I whole-heartedly recommend. In addition, it gives me another chance to endorse publications by university presses (like U of Nebraska Press) that no longer limit their output to academic subjects. When browsing in a bookstore, do not pass up university presses.”

Author Interviews

Andy McCue

Interview on Good Seats Still Available Podcast.

Jason Cannon

Interview on Baseball by the Book Podcast.

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