University Press Week: What author is #NextUP on your list?

Happy University Press Week! Help us celebrate university presses November 14-18. Since 2012, members of the Association of University Presses have participated in an annual celebration of University Presses. Following the example of the first University Press week, proclaimed by US President Jimmy Carter in the summer of 1978, this event recognizes the impact that a global community of university presses has on every one of us.

This year’s theme for UP Week is “Next UP.” This is meant to highlight the dedicated work performed by those in the university press community to seek out, engage, advance, and promote the latest scholarship, ideas, best practices, and technology.

The #UPweek blog tour today features “What author is #NextUP on your list?” Visit the following press blogs to learn about a first-time author:

Fordham Press: Post on a new UP author.

Temple University Press: Interview with a first-time author about their UP experience.

University of Pittsburgh Press: Interview with Ramona Reeves about her experience being a debut author with Pitt Press.

Cornell University Press: Interview with Jason Danely about their new book.

Medieval Institute Publications: Blog post by first-time author Christine Schott about her forthcoming book.

Hopkins Press: Blog post about new author.

University of Toronto Press: Blog post/Q&A with their author, Noah Shwartz.

Leuven University Press: A few first-time authors share their experience as a new UP author.

University Press of Kentucky: Q&A with Yvette Ndlovu, author of Drinking from Graveyard Wells.

University of the West Indies Press: Interview with Lorna Down and Therese Ferguson.

University of Washington Press: Q&A with first-time author Jordan Biro Walters, author of Wide Open Desert.

SUNY Press: Q&A with Midny Klegg, author of Punk Rock.

Wilfrid Laurier University Press: Blog post by author Mary L. Cohen about her new book with Stuart P. Duncan, Music-Making in U.S. Prisons: Listening to Incarcerated Voices.

Texas A&M University Press: Guest blog from one of their authors who got a lot of publicity for his new book, where he’ll discuss why he likes working with UPs.

University of Illinois Press: Post featuring James C. Benton, author of the Fraying Fabric: How Trade Policy and Industrial Decline Transformed America.

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