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Tomás Q. Morín’s Let Me Count The Ways was nominated for the Vulgar Genius Awards. Winners will be determined by readers’ votes. Show your support for the Let Me Count the Ways by voting at their website, the poll is open until 4/22. 


From Chernobyl with Love

Review in Tri-County Times:

“I especially appreciate how she was able to capture people’s passion for living despite everything. They were willing to fight for a better country, and that’s deeply admirable.”

The Comic Book Western

Review in International Journal of Comic Book Art:

“Conway and Sol have assembled a rich anthology, a balanced, insightful volume that effectively addresses the global nature of its subject.”

A Second Reckoning

Review in Type Away Cait:

“I highly recommend this book for those interested in crime, law, civil rights and historical non-fiction.”

Losing Eden

Review in Publisher’s Weekly:

“…this is a penetrating take on the complicated ways that humans impact their environs.”

Little Posion

Review in The Book Reporter:

“Paul Runyan believed that hard work and practice could overcome talent and brute power. Little Poison is a wonderful tribute to a golfer whose life and accomplishments deserve such recognition.”

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Robert F. Garratt

Interview with Good Seats Still Available

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