Celebrate Detective Fiction Day with The Mystery of Hunting’s End

On this day in 1841, the first detective story, Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” appeared in Graham’s Lady’s and Gentleman’s Magazine! For this reason, we celebrate April 20th as Detective Fiction Day.

We thought we’d mark the occasion—with a “first” of our own—by sharing photos of the first edition of the One Book One Nebraska pick of this year, The Mystery of Hunting’s End by Nebraska’s own “whodunit Queen,” Mingon G. Eberhart.

This well-loved copy is stored at the Heritage Room in the Bennet Martin Public Library which not only houses books, but photographs, audio and video cassettes, compact discs, original artwork, and other memorabilia that document the lives and work of Nebraska authors.

Grab our limited-time Bison editions of Mignon G. Eberhart’s works, back in print for the first time in decades, to add another “first” to your shelf!

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