Virtually Bison Books: Backcountry Bisons

In May, we announced our new virtual book tour campaign, Virtually Bison Books, with Bison Books. The first tour book collection is themed Western Trails, offering a virtual guide to great Western stories by offering a geographic guide and links to the ebooks that capture these historic trail narratives.

Now we are excited to share the second virtual tour, Backcountry Bisons! This tour includes the greater Yellowstone ecosystem and a variety of other classic West landscapes including mountains, deserts, canyons, and rivers that environmental and cultural activists see as ecosystems worthy of protecting in their own right, as natural remnants of a land that had endured plows, axes, dams, and urban expansion to become a landscape of solace and adventure, a place where the urban West gives way to the world as it might have looked if none of us were here.

Visit the webpage, check out the map, and share with us on social media the places you’ve been or plan to travel to—virtual or otherwise using the hashtag #VirtuallyBisonBooks.

Here are a few books that are included in Backcountry Bisons:

Visit the Virtually Bison Books page for a list of current and forthcoming virtual tours!

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