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Books The Solace of Stones by Julie Riddle Recommendation from BookTrib: “A superb, eloquent memoir that sings with imagery.” Hero of the Crossing by Thomas W. Lippman Review from The Times of Israel: “Little did I know how important [the Yom Kippur War] would be in the annals of the Middle East. Thomas Lippman’s incisive book, Hero of the Crossing: How Anwar Sadat and the 1973 War Changed the World places it in its proper historical context.” The Mayans Among Us by Ann L. Sittig and Martha Florinda González Praise from the Washington Independent Review of Books: “The Mayans Among  Us is … Continue reading News and Reviews


Books Falafel Nation by Yael Raviv Praise from the Jewish Book Council: “. . . a detailed, meticulously researched, academic assessment of the ways in which Zionist political goals, local demographics and economics, Labor Zionism’s emphasis on the revival of Jewish agriculture on biblical soil, and more all combined to create modern Israeli identity on both national and individual levels . . . a thought-provoking read for someone interested in a detailed, intellectual exploration of the origins of Israeli identity from a new perspective.” So, How Long Have You Been Native? by Alexis C. Bunten Recommendation from Alaska Dispatch News: “Bunten wanders over … Continue reading NEWS AND REVIEWS


Books Falafel Nation By Yael Raviv Applause from the Kirkus Reviews: “What’s in a falafel? By the lights of food-studies and nutrition adjunct professor Raviv, it’s not just chickpeas and pita bread, but also identity . . . The author is particularly good on pressing the point that such cuisines are seldom fixed but instead constantly adapt as new groups enter and as time changes.” The Heart of the Matter By Arthur Green Recommendation from CHOICE: “The why rather than the how of practicing Judaism is the central focus that draws together this collection of literary essays . . . Green engages with the intricacies of Kabbalah, Hasidic masters, classical … Continue reading NEWS AND REVIEWS

From the desk of Yaakov Lappin: A Caliphate State of Mind

Yaakov Lappin is a journalist for the Jerusalem Post. His groundbreaking and exclusive coverage of jihadi activity on the Internet has appeared in the London Times, Jerusalem Post, and Ynetnews, among other media outlets. A number of the author’s reports for the London Times focused on an online declaration of war issued by notorious Islamist leaders in Britain six months before the July 7, 2005, London Underground bombings. He lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. His book, Virtual Caliphate: Exposing the Islamist State on the Internet, was published in 2011. Follow him on Twitter: @YaakovLappin. The dramatic and rapid takeover of large swaths of Iraq … Continue reading From the desk of Yaakov Lappin: A Caliphate State of Mind